Microsoft Office Marketplace logo Developed by Zementis, the ADAPA Add-in for Microsoft® Office Excel® allows you to easily score data using ADAPA on the Cloud or on Site. ADAPA is a standards-based decision engine that executes predictive models expressed in PMML in real-time. Once the Add-in is installed, all you need to do is select your data in Excel 2007 or 2010, connect to ADAPA and start scoring right away. Your predictions will be made available as new columns.

With the ADAPA Add-in for Excel, anyone can access the power of predictive analytics directly from their desktop, no matter what kind of coffee they like to sip or attire they prefer to wear. Predictions are now literally at your fingertips.


You can find more information about ADAPA and the add-in by visiting our support forums or by contacting us directly. You can also sit back and relax and watch our add-in video. We predict you will like it.

Add-in for Excel tutorial Add-in for Excel tutorial

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